Mental health: My daughter begged me to let her die

Read our article that appeared in the Sunday Express Magazine – January 2013 – as part of their Crusade for Better Mental Health campaign.


Published by

Debbie Humberstone

Founder of The Project, a early intervention support service for young people with mental health issues | Mental Health Trainer & Consultant | CEO, The Project Training & Consultancy | Motivational Speaker | RSA Fellow | #ChurchillFellow2018 | #MentalHealthHero | Proud Mum

5 thoughts on “Mental health: My daughter begged me to let her die”

  1. What a moving story. I’m so glad you decided to share this – I’m sure it will give others hope and comfort. I especially agree with this quote: “If someone has cancer and fights it, they’re given a pat on the back. But people who are fighting mental health problems and going through hell aren’t given the same support.”

  2. The courage that you both have shown is so inspiring. Sharing your experiences is such an important part of making something “taboo” real, personal, accessible. It is long-past time for everyone to have your courage, openness and honesty. Perhaps if more of us can get there, we’ll finally start breaking through the taboo barriers that leave so many isolated, mistreated, and worse, UNtreated. Thank you for sharing and congratulations on the success of actually confronting and dealing with these terribly difficult issues – here’s the openness and healthy lives!

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